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Have you ever asked how you got here? Why THIS pattern?

I had this amazing conversation with author, teacher and speaker, Lebo Pule for her podcast on "Why We Become Unavailable or Over-Available Partners" which you can listen to below.

We speak about parenting, childhood wounds, karmic relationship patterns, environment related trauma, the purpose of relationships and how to break free from this pattern.

This is an extract from the interview below. 

"Lebo: I remember when I learned this from you some two, three, or even longer ago, I think three or four years ago, you have no idea how much peace it gave me, with the relationship I'm with.. Because you know how relationships have phases. There's a time where it's really, really, tough and that's where I was. It was tough. And I remember you saying this in the (Stretch with Lebo Pule) group, it was almost like something was lifted off my shoulders. I made peace with the fact that, Oh, my word, there's a karmic agreement of some sort between me and this guy. And I don't want to repeat this. I don't want to have another seven-year relationship that ends only to start another one with the same story. Because like you say, you have to grow out of it, you have to outgrow certain things. And now the question is, can you outgrow them in this lifetime or should it be the next lifetime? How does that work?" 

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Lebo is one of the people whose work I make a point of reading and paying attention too. She is a thought leader. She runs an incredible school called 'Stretch With Lebo Pule" which helps people to STRETCH mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I'm an occasional guest teacher. As a result, I get to benefit sometimes from Lebo's lessons. There is always something for me to take way about my own life and my relationships.

I can never get enough of Lebo. She has a rare wisdom into the workings of life and human beings. A curiosity that allows her to engage compassionately and firmly with who we are, asking us to become bigger than our own problems.

Lebo wows me. I am honoured to be a guest this week on Lebo's Podcast show.

If you don't know Lebo, here is a bit of her bio. A slice."Lebo Pule is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, a teacher at Stretch With Lebo Pule, a sought after speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, gender and social matters.She is an author of a series of two books titled called ALONE- Growing up in Alexandra and ALONE – From Hustling to Healing respectively. These books are memoirs where she shares various experiences that shaped the woman she has become."

You can sign up for her newsletter at where she send the most amazing weekly stories.

Also she is opening for annual induction into her Stretch 2021 school. It's free to participate for a short while. So please do message her for access.

Here is her Facebook page 'Lebo Pule’s Work'


You can also email her on to find out more information or to purchase one of her books.

Listen to more of the podcast here  

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