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My Professional Background in a NutShell 

On set with Lebo Pule who runs Stretch! With Lebo Pule

I'm a teacher, facilitator, relationship and life coach with over 25 years experience in assisting people to experience profound shifts in themselves, allowing them to positively influence their relationships. 

I'm a  founder and director of the online 'Kalavati' Love Your Life Academy and the creator of 'Fresh Start The Love Journey" online  a platform for women to learn how to build happiness habits and heal from emotional pain and negative patterns so that they can experience greater fulfilment in their relationships.

My FreshStart & Private clients  go on to live their relationships and dreams with love and dare.

I was first trained as a facilitator at Wits University in the early 90's and went onto train as a southern African Coach for the UNDP in 2004, as part of their international leadership development programme.

I've worked with CEO's, small businesses, corporate management, government, NGO’s, Unions, artists, prisons, schools and the public sector.

I specialize in using yoga, diet, the arts, mental and emotional clearing techniques integrated with coaching to help women increase their joy, love and appreciation for life. 

I spent two years coaching with Raizcorp Business Prosperator under the mentorship of CEO, Allon Raiz, (Young Global Leader 2008 and Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Oliver Transformation and Empowerment Awards 2013), studying the success building blocks of entrepreneurship. I wrote a column for Business Report called ‘Learn to Lead’.

I have my honours at Wits (BADA) specialized in using theatre for change and her Advanced Professional Mentoring and Coaching qualification through Unisa.

I stood as a Mentor for The Market Photo Workshop, Women in Finance and The Mostert Scholarship Program.

Master Mind with other coaches. Brainstorming our businesses.

Jo’s Approach & Methodologies

The methodologies I use in coaching, training and facilitation, research and evaluation incorporate a wide range of participatory techniques.

It is based on the works of Byron Katie, Zakes Mda, Paulo Friere, Auguste Boal, Arnold Mindell, Nancy Kline, Jung, Non-Violent Communication, The Gotteman Institute, the UNDP leadership technologies, mindfulness and others, all recognised internationally for their contributions to therapy, education and transformation.

It’s learner-centered approach is tailor-made to the needs and the culture of participants. People will only act on, or out, over issues they feel strongly about.

So the methodologies do not focus on content and goals alone. Instead they draw on the intentions, emotions, knowledge and experiences of participants and clients – encouraging them to bring awareness to their own experiences, patterns, power, imagination, will, conscience and wisdom to make decisions and move forward.

It is a future and solutions-focused approach rather than past-based blame and complaining focus. Yet it still takes the time for healing of past traumas and hurts to heal.

It is process and community orientated which means the learning experiences themselves are of value.

Where failure is understood to ‘never’ be a failure but rather a step forward.

It encourages the exploration of the interconnection between all people, living things and the earth.

The approach asks people to transform themselves first, parallel to being change agents within their families, workplaces, and communities.

The facilitator’s role is to ask ‘What’ and ‘How’ rather than provide answers. The quality of the questions produces the quality of the answers.

Participants are given a chance to analyse, identify, and source the cause of their ‘problems’ rather than focusing on the symptoms. They are encouraged to seek alternatives to the frustrating situations they may find themselves in, to seek their own ability to make change possible.

The process inspires authentic dialogue and discovery, which allows them to explore their needs and to dynamise the static situations in a safe environment. The question “How may I serve?” and “Everything is possible” are the underlying themes.

Thailand Retreat hosted by Wealthy Money, where I ran a relationship workshop.

Professional Qualifications

  1. Professional Business & Life Coach (Advanced Mentor), Unisa, 2005, Institute for Organisational Development & Training;
  2. BA Dramatic Arts, Honours, Wits University, 2000:
  • Specialised in Media in Education, Drama in Education, Drama Therapy, Theatre for Development,  
  • Thesis: ‘How to Make Your Work Work: Using drama to work with abused children.’ Case study of children living at Streetwise Children’s Shelter

Short Courses

  • Currently taking certification for Ho'oponopono with Dr Lew Hen
  • Self-study- Byron Katie and Nancy Kline Thinking Methodology, 2011- 2014.
  • Gender Harmonics, Ending conflict in relationships (family & business), Jujumama International, 2011/2012.
  • Level 1: 200hour (RYT) international accredited course, Shades of Yoga, 2011, Yoga Alliance Accredited. (www.yogaalliance.com)
  • Education vs. Dedication, The Institute of Regenerative Truth, Israel, 2010
  • Demartini Methodology, Orchid House, 2009 Coaching & Facilitation Refresher, Orchid House, 2009
  • Coaching & Mentoring, Women In Finance Mentorship Program,2008
  • Coaching & Mentoring Standard Bank Program & UCT Leadership including Nancy Kline methodologies, Women In Finance Mentorship Program, 2007
  • Sales & Authentic Leadership, SalesPartners Worldwide, 2007
  • Landmark Advanced Course, Landmark Education, 2006
  • Landmark Forum, Landmark Education, 2006
  • Power of Love, Kairos Foundation, 2006
  • Investment in Excellence, Pacific Institute, 2005
  • Power of Relationship, Kairos Foundation, 2005
  • More to Life (Life Training), Kairos Foundation, 2005
  • Life Training SEE, Kairos Foundation, 2004
  • Deep Democracy for Facilitators II, Fieldwork, 2004
  • Deep Democracy, Working in Conflict, FieldWork, 2004
  • Leadership Development Program, Advanced Coaching for Southern African Coaches, UNDP, 2004
  • Leadership Development Program, Coaching for Southern African Coaches, UNDP, 2004
  • Process Psychology, in Conflict Management, Fieldwork & Portland University, 2004
  • Refresher Facilitation Course, Malitaba Development Consultancy, 2003
  • Introduction to Process Psychology, Fieldwork, 2003
  • Inner Child Therapy Dr Polanstinsky, 2003
  • Creative Arts in Education & Clowning for Change, Delia Meyer, 2003
  • Narrative Therapy, DramAidE, University of Zululand, 2000
  • Basic Craft SkillsFor Therapy, DramAidE,University of Zululand, 2000
  • Memory Boxes and Grief Work, Malitaba Development Consultancy, 2000
  • HIV & General Counselling, Malitaba Development Consultancy, 1999
  • Advanced Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques, Theatre for Development Projects, 1998
  • Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques (training by internationally recognised community practitioner Auguste Boal), NACTED, TTEDA, PAWE, SA & British Council) 1997
  • Methodologies in HIV/Education, DramAidE, University of Zululand, 1996
  • Aids Education & Training Course, ATTIC, Department of Health, 1996
  • STEP, Systematic Training for Effective Parenting, KidsHaven 1995  

Where To Start


I have a FREE copy of Break Free from Heartache Workbook waiting for you. This workbook will give you a deep insight and clarity into your negative relationship patterns so you can FINALLY make sense of the drama and pain and understand what you need to do to shift it,

Join my FREE SOUL-FULL Love community on Facebook here.

My program, THE FRESH START LOVE JOURNEY leads you through some of the most powerful techniques and tools in the personal development, happiness psychology, life and relationship coaching industries,  set up in a carefully designed system to help you build a love relationship with yourself so that you can turn painful relationships around and live your life with ZEST, LOVE and APPRECIATION.

Enjoy! So much Love 

xoxo Jo,

Creator of The FreshStart Love Journey

(or Mama Bear as my clients affectionately call me)

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