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Beautiful One, hallo. You're here online, looking for relationship advice that will be the thing to end the cycle of feeling unwanted, abandoned, endlessly hurt and powerless in your relationships. 

You may be in recovery, only to find your relationships are worse than ever. And life is now tedious and empty. 

  • If you are now, once where I was, with deep emotional pain and feel like you can not breathe...
  • If you are with or keep chasing unavailable partner/s
  • If you are ready to end negative relationships patterns
  • If you long for a life you can love

..You are in the right place

Welcome to Love Shift Live with me. I know a A LOT about emotional pain. I lived in an emotional hell-hole for over 20 years. 

If it wasn't for my professional journey as a facilitator, teacher, trainer, counsellor and coach I may not have been forced to do what was needed to RESCUE me. 

I may have succumbed to the darkness. God knows I thought it would NEVER end. I didn't know what joy felt like unless it had alcohol and sex attached to it. 

It was through my own spiritual and emotional development, that I freed myself from negative relationship patterns and pain. 

I ended my fascination with unavailable partners, emotional turmoil and helplessness. I healed from depression. 

I stopped feeling like I was fixated on 'sober living' and began to really LIVE. 

 It was through spiritual and emotional development that I found myself on the other side of a life I believe NO ONE deserves to live.

It was here I discovered life IS worthwhile. A life that is full with purpose, amazing experiences and an infinite love within. 

THIS is my WHY! 

My journey into helping people stuck in relationship pain came upon me quite accidentally.

It was an unplanned road I could not ignore. In my own life, relationships had caused me the most pain. And with private clients and workshops, it kept coming back to relationships over and over again.

In my recovery and in my professional life, relationship work found me. 

It was not the kind of work one finds with traditional relationship experts where the focus is on interpersonal skills, such as communication skills nor with the trend around being in your femininity and masculinity as the solutions to relationship conflicts. 

Both of which, by the way, are crucial aspects to healthy relationships.

I found while this work excited me, it did not help me. Because I was mentally and emotionally crippled with pain.

I first had to do the INNER emotional work. As I healed so did my relationship patterns heal. 

I integrated the emotional and spiritual work with the relationship work, and discovered I loved me. 

As I began to rise in love with my life, my relationships grew with me. And I naturally found myself in balance with my masculine and feminine. I naturally communicated more effectively.

Only then was I ready to learn more about what all the relationship experts and coaches were teaching. 

To start I share with you....

.....What I learned from dating unavailable partners
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